What is Ankay?

Ankay is an organization which since 2008 has been recruiting talented young students from disadvantaged backgrounds who are completing their senior year in public schools in Peru. Ankay awards them with full undergraduate scholarships in Peru’s top universities.

The Ankay Scholarship is more than just mere funding. We guide our scholars throughout the preparation process to succeed at the entrance exam, and we also provide psychological and academic support throughout the student’s entire university studies.

In order to select scholars, Ankay organizes annual events in Peruvian public schools. The selection process includes a free academic skills assessment and a personal interview with a qualifying jury.

At present, Ankay has five scholars studying at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú – PUCP [Pontifical Catholic University of Peru] and three scholars studying at Universidad del Pacífico – UP [University of the Pacific].

Who gave them a hand?